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The Fire Island Sitcom You Wish Logo Made
"You listening network heads? Put a bullet in Two and a Half Men already, for God’s sake, and pick this bitch up! Ashton Kutcher can do a guest appearance."

'Sex and the City' but...much funnier and even raunchier!
"What really makes Half-Share soar over the pabulum that substitutes for entertainment on television these days are the details... That, and the sweetness that lies just below the tartness. The show wonderfully encapsulates the way the members of a share house can truly bond over a summer and become a family."

Laughter is So Sexy!
"Insane outfits, larger than life personalities, and over-clocked sex drives, this comedy here is brilliantly written with some side-splitting one liners. But the narrative still has time to be sweet and find heart."