Fire Island 101

Welcome to the wonderful world of Fire Island—the gay destination of lore and legend!  It’s like Summer Camp...with better abs!

Fire Island Pines is where the sun meets the sand—free of hesitation, oppression, or explanation!  It’s the fantasy every gay man dreamed of as a child—The Island of Misfit Boys!

Check your inhibitions on the mainland and hop aboard the fairy ferry to a land where carefree men frolic in the skimpiest fashions as if the stuffy outside world didn’t exist.  Stroll exclusive boardwalks where the flip-flops are fierce and the only thing stronger than the golden Adonis-like men are the cocktails at Low Tea!

Take a peek into the lives of one summer house in Half-Share.  Sometimes debaucherous, usually randy, and always outrageous...  When you share a house on Fire Island with six gay men, anything can happen.  And often does!