Half-Share?  Quarter-Share?  Men who impersonate Cher?  The gays on Fire Island speak a different lingo and for a newcomer like Mac, it's way more than a mouthful!  Practically heterosexual and fresh out of a fourteen-year relationship, Mac packs his Birkenstocks and his emotional baggage for a summer share.  What he envisions as relaxing, reflective beach-time turns into high camp hysteria after Mac’s eccentric housemates take a fish out of water and fling him headfirst into the glittery gay shark-pond!

Will Mac survive...or will he vote himself off the island?  His old friend Ito, the neurotic House Mother, collects “antiques” while frantically trying to keep this unconventional family together.  Ito’s efforts are thwarted by the antics of Lex, an aging chorus boy on a personal quest to never grow up.  The Michaels, a middle-aged, co-dependent couple, are celebrating their ten year anniversary by giving themselves a third.  And when he’s not canvassing the Meat Rack, African-American Harold (Republican lawyer by week, drag diva by weekend) offers sage, but insensitive advice that Mac struggles to accept. 

When Mac loses his watch—the last symbol of what was once a long-term relationship—he goes on a drunken, downward spiral that ends in High-Tea hijinx, a hot tub surprise, and an upsetting message from home.  When Lex "helps" get the watch back, Mac flips out and asks Ito for his rent money back.  In a tense showdown with his housemates, Mac's notions of normalcy are put under the microscope and he must decide if he can survive a summer of hyper-homo reality, make new friends, and fly his freak flag on The Island of Misfit Boys.